Our Services

Business Setup, Planning and Development

  • Determine owner objectives to help entrepreneurs launch their business
  • Create a business plan and assist in its implementation
  • Create budgets and cash flow projections
  • Recommend and assist in implementation of accounting system
  • Assist in identifying the best business entity option

Business valuation and improvement

  • Determine baseline valuation and value drivers
  • Perform a Business Diagnostic assessment and identify limiting factors
  • Collaborate with the owner and key staff on areas to be addressed per above
  • Provide a process, structure and accountability for making progress leading to improvements

Exit Planning

  • Collaborate with owners to establish their goals and timelines
  • Provide independent feedback and suggestions before finalizing plan
  • Provide a strategic framework that takes agreed-upon and reasonable goals and timelines
    and coordinate the process of achieving the goals within the timeframe
  • Begin the process of preparing for an internal or external sale or transition depending on
    which appears to be the best option

CFO Services

  • Review and adjust books, and prepare financial statements and management reports to actively manage and improve outcomes
  • Recruit, train and oversee internal accounting and bookkeeping staff who maintain basic books and daily routines
  • Act as an internal advisor and/or serve on the Board of Directors or Advisors
  • Provide financial analysis, develop budgets and projections, and design and implement tools to provide accountability for results, including incentive systems

Your Trusted Advisor

By providing CFO level service, along with business valuation and improvement services, and exit planning support, I look forward to making a big difference in the lives of those I serve. 

– Dave Bunge

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